Hello, dear Codecademy classmate!

Let me introduce you Codecademy-Answers.com using the 5Ws. If you do not want to read it or skim it, well, just go search for your answers: they are just behind the corner.


I am an ordinary guy, like you, trying to solve some Codecademy courses in the quest for the perfect programming language that can support my daily activities, either at work or at home. Consider myself as your classmate!


Doing Codecademy courses I realized I needed to look through some answers from time to time in order to get the whole logic of the script I was trying to write.

Codecademy forum is a great resource but sometimes it lacks of usability and I believe people just do not understand how to use it properly. I usually surf the internet searching for answers but unfortunately I never found a really good website listing all the answers easily.

Then, one day, frustrated because of an impossible Python script I decided to end this torture and thought: “Ok, I can build simple websites and I have answered many Codecademy tracks, so why don’t I build a website about Codecademy answers? It could get me more friends and even more answers!”. Here I am.


Well, it did take place on Codecamy.com in the beginning but now I am sure Codecademy-Answers.com will be the right companion to the former.


This is the best thing about the Internet and this website. You can reach them as many time as you want during nights and days.

The answers will always be here, hopefully, so just come over and grab the answer you need!


Finally, the most interesting question I think. The reason of all this is just that we all have different approaches in facing Codecademy tracks as in facing the daily questions in our lives, the daily tasks at our jobs and so on.

Me, for example, I like to find the answers working on a question and trying to solve it, but sometimes when my logic thinking fails or I am just too tired and my neurons get on strike, I need an answer or just an excerpt of it.

If you are like me, this is the best place where you can be now!